How to feel Happy! 7 Tips

Let’s admit it, no human can feel happy 100% of the time. It’s also not normal to! We should feel an array of different emotions anything from feeling excited, nervous, silly to frustrated and angry. The importance is not to become overwhelmed and identified by any emotion. You may be feeling sad/anxious/frustrated right now, but that doesn’t define you!

That being said, there are somethings you start implementing TODAY to start improving your mood. All efforts add up, right?

  • Sleep
    • Getting a regular sleep routine is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Our bodies and brains NEED to recover. Think it as that vital reset button. When we are sleep deprived, we are more sensitive to negative emotions such as anxiety, stress, fear and anger. Grab a pillow!
  • Get the blood pumping
    • A 20-minute jog, a walk in the park or dancing to Taylor Swift in your bedroom.  Whatever form of movement you enjoy.  Exercise will help us to clear out that sluggish brain fog, improve memory and lift mood! Regular aerobic exercise (the type that gets your heart really pumping) have shown by research to remodel brain functioning.
  • Eat the rainbow
    • Research has shown that those who eat more whole food, plant-based diets have reduced incidence of depression. Eating fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants can dampen the detrimental effects of oxidative stress on mental health. The pigment found in tomatoes, one of the most powerful antioxidants!
  • Take up a new hobby
    • Challenge yourself to try something you’ve never done before. It could be painting, gardening, knitting. Nothing is out of limits. This life is to be enjoyed and explored. You never know what wonderful discoveries this decision can bring. Don’t be afraid to suck, as long as you’re having fun.
  • Socialise
    • We are more ‘social’ than ever online. However, this can mean our real-life human connections can suffer. Humans are social creatures; we need interaction to feel happy and purposeful. When you need a lift, call up a friend for a coffee or a walk in the park. Nothing beats face-to-face human connection.
  • Do something for Nothing
    • Whether is donating to charity, making a birthday card for a friend, or buying a homeless man a hearty dinner. We need these little acts of kindness to spread around. No act of kindness is too small. The effects will ripple and make the world a happier place.
  • Smile
    • Smiling is one of the simplest and yet powerful ways to spread kindness and happiness to those around you. Humans tend to mirror other people’s facial expressions, so smiling really is contagious.

5 things YOU should do when feeling stressed

  1. Breathe.

When you’re stressed, your breathing rate increases and become shallower. Taking control of your breathing is an immediate way of changing how we feel. Taking slow deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth has been shown by research to activate our parasympathetic nervous system (our body’s rest and digest system). This creates immediate physiological change which you can implement, as well as taking your attention away from a racing mind.

2.Get moving!

Whether it’s running, going to a gym, doing a yoga flow. Physical movement has been shown by research to be incredibly beneficial to health both in the short term and long term. If you feel overwhelmed, just going outside for a quick 20-minute walk can dramatically impact your mood. Try different activities and find one you enjoy love, and try to implement it into your life long-term. Being physically healthy has tremendous effects on our mental wellbeing as well. Find a way to make it work for you! Don’t be afraid to try new things.

3. Speak to a friend, family member or someone you trust

Often when we feel stressed, it can fell overwhelming and isolating. The truth is so many people feel this way. Don’t be afraid of speaking to the people close to you about your feelings. Sometimes, a specific event such as a work deadline can be stressful, other times it can just be living in this modern life. You don’t need to explain your feelings, they aren’t right or wrong things. Just by expressing how you feel can be extremely liberating, even if the other person is listening.

4. Practise mindfulness

You don’t have to all of a sudden become a professional yogi and meditate for an hour a day to get the benefit of mindfulness. In fact, we can practise mindfulness where ever, whenever. It may be sitting still and focusing on your breath or finding an activity which you find calming. If could be drawing, sewing, baking or cleaning.

The point is becoming aware of your mind and not resisting it. You know that constant inner chatter that going on in the background. Next time, become aware of that constant thinking and say to yourself, ‘ah that’s my thinking mind, it’s not me.’

5.Seek out a professional

Even though there are many self-help things out there on the internet. Sometimes, our problem can be more than that. If you suspect that your stress or mental wellbeing is something more serious, or you have had people close to you being worried. Then definitely seek out professional help. There is no shame in your feelings, and  professional workers such as doctors or therapists are trained to help.