Don’t be afraid to fail

Sometimes, life can knock you down.

What you have envisioned for your life has not happened. It seems like you keep trying and failing, trying and failing. It can feel so frustrating, to the point you just don’t even want to put in any more effort.

The truth is ‘successes’ and ‘failures’ are just your own perspectives, and therefore can be changed. You may have ‘failed’ an exam or ‘failed’ to look like that model on Instagram, but that’s just one way of looking at it. Instead, you can think, ‘ah, my previous way of studying didn’t work, now I can try something else.’ Or ‘yea I may not look like a Victoria secret model, but I am kind person, so I am proud of that.’

By failing enthusiastically, it means we take lessons from our mistakes and the things that haven’t gone quite right. We take the failure in our stride and use it as motivation and learning points to continue our journey.

Many times, we learn MORE from failures than from successes. Life is a continuously learning journey and NO one is immune from failure. Often the most ‘successful’ people have had the biggest failures. So, use it to their advantage and embrace it! A perfect journey to success doesn’t exist.